5th Anniversary Card Popularity Poll

Starting from 11:00 p.m., June 7 (PT), we will be kicking off the 5th Anniversary Card Popularity Poll!

To get the celebrations started, we're bringing back the Popularity Poll! This year, there will be 6 cards per class to choose from. You can vote for one card per class, allowing you to throw your support behind eight cards in total. After voting has concluded, the top cards from every class will become in-game leaders! Cast your vote during the voting period by selecting the banner on the upper left of the Home screen.

Voting Period:
Open from 11:00 p.m., June 7 (PT) to 8:00 a.m., June 18 (PT).

- A user ID is required to vote.
- A single user ID can be used to vote only once.
- Leaders will be released at a later date.
- If the voting period concludes while you are on the voting screen, your vote might not be counted correctly.
- Votes can only be cast through the smartphone versions of the game. You cannot vote through the PC version.
- If you encounter issues sharing your vote on Twitter, please try updating your device's operating system to the latest version. (Your votes will be still be counted, regardless of any issues posting on Twitter.)

Looking forward to seeing who you choose!

Shadowverse Team