New Story! Entropy's Abyss: Reconclusion (Part 2)

Hey, all you astonished story readers!

The final chapters for the Entropy's Abyss story will be released in the v3.4.12 update! Is despair the only conclusion there is in Vellsar? What is the ending that truly needs to change? Check out the climactic finale of this tale and see whether or not fate can be overturned in Part 2 of Entropy's Abyss: Reconclusion!

Vellsar, a land of perpetual night
bloodstained by unending conflicts over its throne.
The one who indulges in despair,
the one furious with resentment,
the one hesitating indecisively,
the one in pursuit of a mother's warmth.
Should these souls bare their fangs and rise up against fate,
perhaps a candle may light in this world of darkness.

Shadowverse Team