(Update) Shadowverse TV Anime Quest Event

From 7:00 p.m., September 28 to 12:00 noon, November 17 (PT), a limited-time Quest event will be available in Shadowverse!

About Puzzle

Event Period:
7:00 p.m., September 28 - 12:00 noon, November 17 (PT)

"Puzzle" is a special event quest where players try to solve the puzzle using "Hint(s)" and "Reset" features.
If you clear the puzzles, for the first time only, you can earn points according to the difficulty level.
You can also earn rewards by completing the puzzle missions.
You can access "Puzzle" from Quest mode in the Solo button, and you can check puzzle missions from "Missions" on the home screen.

- Points can only be earned when clearing each puzzle for the first time.
- Puzzle missions can only be completed once during the event period.
- The points earned when clearing each puzzle for the first time will be added to the cumulative points displayed on the reward confirmation screen in "Quest".

Quest Mission Points

The puzzle has three difficulty levels: "Beginner", "Experienced", and "Advanced".
You can get the following points according to the difficulty of the puzzle you cleared.
Beginner: 100 points
Experienced: 150 points
Advanced: 200 points

Puzzle Missions

By completing missions, you can earn the following rewards:

Clear all beginner puzzles to get a Leon emblem
Clear all experienced puzzles to get a Dawn of Calamity Temporary Deck Ticket
Clear all advanced puzzles to get a seer's globe

Additional Elite Puzzles
Three Elite difficulty puzzles, as well as the puzzles’ corresponding puzzle mission will be added at 8:00 p.m., October 5 (PT). Clear all the new puzzles to receive the Leon leader!

- Clear all beginner - advanced puzzles to unlock elite puzzles.

Quest Mission Points

Elite: 300 points

Additional Puzzle Mission

Shadowverse TV Anime Tie-in: Clear all elite puzzles to get the Leon leader

About Quest

Event Period:
7:00 p.m., September 28 - 12:00 noon, November 17 (PT)

Win matches against Mimori, Hiro, Luca, and Leon from the Shadowverse TV Anime and clear Quest Missions to earn points. The higher the difficulty is, the more points you score. Collect points to earn special rewards.

Quest mode will also feature Leon, who is worth more points than other opponents. You will also be able to receive bonus points for clearing daily missions. After defeating Leon you may still challenge it in a training match, however you will not receive any points.

Access Quests from the Solo button.

- Each Quest mission can only be cleared once during a Quest event.
- Limited daily battles will not be carried over into the next day.
- Days reset at 1:00 p.m. (PDT)/12:00 noon (PST).
- If a limited daily battle is started before the day resets then concluded after the reset, that battle will be counted for the previous day.
- Unclaimed rewards will be sent to your crate.
- If rewards from a limited daily battle are not automatically claimed, check if they have been sent to your crate.

Quest Mission Points

Play matches against Mimori, Hiro, Luca, and Leon!
Winning against each opponent yields a certain number of points.

Mimori: 150 points
Hiro: 200 points
Luca: 300 points
Leon: 1000 points

As a bonus, the points received by winning against Mimori, Hiro, and Luca will be increased starting from your 4th win, as follows:

Points received starting from 4th win:
Mimori: 150 points → 250 points
Hiro: 200 points → 300 points
Luca: 300 points → 450 points

- You will receive certain fraction of points even if you lose a match.
- You will be able to earn points by losing a game immediately after starting the game or quitting the game.

Quest Missions

See below for more information on all the quests available.

General Missions
- Win 15 quest matches
- Win a match against Mimori, Hiro, Luca, and Leon
- Destroy 100 enemy followers in quest matches
- Evolve followers 30 times in quest matches

Mimori Missions
- Win a match within 10 turns
- Win a match using a Trial Deck
- Win a match with at least 10 defense remaining

Hiro Missions
- Win a match after destroying an enemy evolved Ignis Dragon
- Win a match after playing a card that originally costs at least 7 play points
- Win a match with at least 20 defense remaining

Luca Missions
- Win a match without using evolution points
- Win a match with 10 defense or less remaining
- Win by reducing the opponent's defense to 0 with an enemy Dark Emperor's Last Words

Leon Missions
- Win a match without playing a spell
- Win a match on your 11th turn or later
- Win a match using a deck consisting of only gold and legendary cards


By collecting points, you can earn the following rewards:

- Genesis Artifact emblem
- Genesis Artifact sleeves
- Piercing Roar emblem
- Piercing Roar sleeves
- Dark Contract emblem
- Dark Contract sleeves
- Leon sleeves
- Special flair
- Sylvan Justice animated alternate-art card
- Forge Weaponry animated alternate-art card
- Conjure Golem animated alternate-art card
- Dragon Oracle animated alternate-art card
- Undying Resentment animated alternate-art card
- Blood Pact animated alternate-art card
- Blackened Scripture animated alternate-art card
- Rupies
- Dawn of Calamity card pack ticket
- Seer’s globe

- If you have already received the animated alternate-art cards from the previous event, you will instead earn 40 rupies.

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