Changes to Cards in the v3.5.0 Update

In order to improve the balance of the game in the Unlimited format, the following card has been changed.

1. Darkfeast Bat will have its cost changed.
Cost: 8

Cost: 7

In addition, a new keyword effect, Stack, has been added to Shadowverse starting from the 22nd card set, Dawn of Calamity. In light of this update, adjustments have been made to the following cards with effects that reference Earth Sigil amulets:

- Orichalcum Golem
- Forbidden Darkmage
- Faust, Overzealous Observer
- Silver Blade Golem
- Alchemical Craftschief
- Adamantine Golem
- Imperator of Magic

For details, please see the announcement below:

Since the first card is strengthened and the rest are adjustments for the new Stack keyword, they will not receive a vial bonus when being liquefied.

That's all for this round. See you next update!

Shadowverse Team