Battle Pass Season 6

In the v3.6.0 update, we'll be releasing Battle Pass Season 6! This new season of Battle Pass will run until the official release of the next card set.

Battle Pass is a feature that rewards you for achieving Battle Pass levels by completing battles and missions. Rewards will update each season, with one season running from the official release of one card set until the official release of the next (approximately 3 months). From the Home screen, tap Battle Pass to check the Battle Pass rewards this season.

Battle Pass will available with a normal pass with 80 levels and a premium pass with 100 levels. Each level takes 500 points to level up. The amount of points it takes to level up does not change from level to level. (Example: Going from level 1 to level 2 takes 500 points, and going from level 99 to level 100 takes 500 points.)

Playing matches will earn you 100 points, up to 3000 points per week. Clearing missions will earn you 50 points each. In addition, you can earn emblems, sleeves, and points from Battle Pass missions, which will update each month. You can check the current Battle Pass missions by tapping Missions on the Home screen and then going over to Battle Pass Missions.

- Points from matches can be earned by winning Ranked matches, Challenge mode matches, or Grand Prix matches.
- You can check if you have reached the weekly point maximum on the Results screen.
- You can change if Battle Pass details are displayed on the Results screen in the game settings.
- You cannot earn points from the following post-tutorial missions:
(Play Chapter 1 of The Morning Star with any leader)
(Win 1 match (Ranked, Unranked, or Arena))
(Link Shadowverse with another service)
(Change at least one card in a deck, and then save it)
(Win 2 matches (Ranked, Unranked, or Arena)
(Play Take Two in Arena (One-time Mission))
- The Battle Pass mission period is subject to change without prior notice.

About the normal pass:
The normal pass will be given to all players upon the official release of a new card set and you can earn rewards in the normal pass.

Normal pass special rewards:
- Phantombloom Predator emblem
- Phantombloom Predator sleeves
- Phantombloom Predator alternate-art cards
- Cosmic Angel alternate-art cards

About the premium pass:
By purchasing the premium pass, you can earn additional rewards on top of the normal pass rewards, plus purchase bonuses. A premium pass with points is also available and comes with 20 levels worth of points. The premium pass is available for 1000 crystals and the premium pass with points is available for 2000 crystals.

Premium pass special rewards:
- Tsukikage leader
- Tsukikage emblem
- Cosmic Angel emblem
- Cosmic Angel sleeves
- Phantombloom Predator animated alternate-art cards
- Cosmic Angel animated alternate-art cards

Purchase bonus:
- 1 seer's globe
- 3 Omen of Storms card pack tickets

- The premium pass is only purchasable with crystals.
- You can only purchase 1 premium pass per season.
- If you purchase the premium pass after having leveled up in Battle Pass levels, you will receive the premium pass rewards for all previous levels.
- The premium pass will be valid until the official release of the next card set.
- Battle Pass and premium pass availability are subject to change without prior notice.

Shadowverse Team