Puzzles Mode

The Puzzles mode feature will be added to the Practice mode after the v3.7.10 update.

About Puzzles

"Puzzles" mode is a feature where players try to solve puzzles with help from the "Hint(s)" and "Reset" features. In this mode, you will be able to revisit puzzles from previous "Quests."

In addition, you can also earn rewards by completing the associated puzzle missions.

Note: Puzzle missions are not available yet as of April 26, 2022.

Playable Puzzles

Puzzles from the following card sets will be added:
- Omen of Storms
- Dawn of Calamity
- Darkness Over Vellsar

Puzzles come in up to four difficulty levels: "Beginner," "Experienced," "Expert," and "Elite."
The puzzles in each set are the same as those available in past quest events.

Note: There are no puzzle missions for the above three sets of puzzles.

Shadowverse Team