(Important Notice) Crystal Pricing Changes

Due to Apple's recent pricing policy changes for in-app purchases, the pricing of crystals for players in certain regions will be changed. As an example, updated prices for purchases made in euros will be as follows:

60 Crystals: 1.19 EUR (previously 50 crystals at 0.99 EUR)
350 Crystals: 6.99 EUR (previously 320 crystals at 5.99 EUR)
670 Crystals: 12.99 EUR (previously 600 crystals at 10.99 EUR)
1200 Crystals: 24.99 EUR (previously 20.99 EUR)
2400 Crystals: 47.99 EUR (previously 39.99 EUR)
5000 Crystals: 94.99 EUR (previously 79.99 EUR)
One-time Deal! 800-crystal set: 9.99 EUR (previously 7.99 EUR)
1-Time Deal! 1000-crystal set: 18.99 EUR (previously 15.99 EUR)
Crystals & Legendary Card Pack Set (3 times only): 24.99 EUR (previously 20.99 EUR)
Special Offer! 7500-crystal set (3 times only): 94.99 EUR (previously 79.99 EUR)

The new prices will be reflected after an update to the game’s Shop feature. Details of the update will be announced separately.


- Only the crystal-amount changes will apply to purchases made in U.S. dollars.
- Due to the pricing changes, the prices displayed in-game may temporarily differ with the final price charged by the platform. Please note that the correct price is that displayed by the platform on the confirmation screen.
- The price changes on the iOS version of the game are implemented by Apple, and the time of implementation may be subject to change.
- It may take longer for the new prices to be reflected on some devices.

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you continue to enjoy the Shadowverse experience!

Shadowverse Team