Street Fighter V Tie-In

Gear up for a new tie-in event featuring Street Fighter V to get tie-in emblems and sleeves. Play before 12:00 p.m., May 25 (PT) to get the following:

- Day 1: Street Fighter V emblem
- Day 2: 50 rupies
- Day 3: 50 rupies
- Day 4: 1 Tempest of the Gods card pack ticket
- Day 5: Street Fighter V sleeve

Everyone who finishes the tutorial and plays the game during the tie-in period is eligible to receive the daily bonuses. A "Tutorial Cleared" screen will appear when you beat the tutorial.

You can also buy Street Fighter V leader sets from the shop. Each set includes the leader itself, an emblem, a sleeve and a flair for 500 crystals.

Once acquired, there is no time limit for special emblems, sleeves, and leaders. Please be aware, however, that tie-in leader sales may end without notice.

Are you ready to take to the streets and fight through this thrilling new Shadowverse experience?

Shadowverse Team