(Update 2) v3.9.20 Update

We are planning to undergo maintenance during the following period:
9:30 p.m., November 20 – 12:00 midnight, November 20 - 21 (PT)

This update includes the following:

(Update) Additional Celestial Dragonblade Cards Added

18 new cards and 1 leader card will be added to the Celestial Dragonblade card set.
Details of the additional cards will be added to the official site.

Celestial Dragonblade Add-on Pack Added

A card pack page will be added to the Shop specifically for the additional cards. This card pack will have an increased rate for the new additional cards.

- The Add-on Pack will be available until the release of the next card set.
- The card pack points earned from the Add-on Pack will count for the original card pack.
- Individual leaders may have different draw rates when compared with the original card pack. However, the total draw rate for leader cards is the same.

(Update 2) New Leader Card

In addition to the new additional cards; Eleanor, Glorious Flower will be added as a new leader card. Get it to receive the leader, emblem, flair, and animated card sleeves. The Eleanor, Glorious Flower leader card will be treated as the same card from Renascent Chronicles.

Notes about leader cards:
- A normal and animated version of the leader card can be drawn from card packs. However, there is only one version of the leader, emblem, card sleeves, and flair.
- You can only receive the leader, emblem, flair, and card sleeves once.
- Leader cards cannot be created.
- Leader cards cannot be traded for with temporary gems.
- The normal version of a leader card can be animated using a seer's globe.

(Update 2) New Extra Story

A new extra story, “Reflections on the Wing,” will be added to the Story mode.

To reflect the addition of the extra story, the "Main Story" panel in Solo mode will be updated to "Story."

Adjusted Draw Rates of Cards in Open 6

The Open 6 draw rates have been updated for certain cards that previously had higher draw rates. The adjusted draw rates are as follows:

- Charon, Stygian Demise: 1.067% (Previously 1.600%)
- Charon, Stygian Demise (alternate-art version): 0.533% (Previously 0.800%)
- Orthrus, Infernal Fang: 1.600% (Previously 1.200%)
- Deathly Tyrant's Feast: 1.600% (Previously 1.200%)

Adjusted Temporary Card Exchange Display

Windows for exchanging cards will now display the number of animated copies of a card owned by the player, in addition to the total number of copies, number of normal copies, and number of temporary copies. Changes will be applied in the following places:

- Card pack Tradable Cards window
- Trade Temporary Cards window

Adjusted Positioning of Cards in Play

The positioning of cards in play have been adjusted in order to make the player's remaining evolve points easier to see.

Minor Changes to Card Text

The wording for some cards has been revised to be more understandable, but there is no difference to how the cards actually work.

Updated Visual Effects of Cards

The visual effects for the following cards have been adjusted:

- Harnessed Glass
- Ice Storm
- Hailwyrm

Reduced Card Shop Loading Time

Minor system updates have been applied to reduce the loading time for the Shop.

End of Vial Bonuses for Genesis Artifact

Vial bonuses applied to Genesis Artifact (effective as of the update on November 1) will no longer be available, and vials earned when liquefied will be reverted to their original amount.

Bug Fixes

- Loading Screen Display Issues with Howling Demon


- The game will be inaccessible during maintenance.
- After maintenance begins, any ongoing multiplayer match will end in a tie.
- After maintenance begins, progress for any ongoing solo play matches will be lost.
- If you close the game or place the device in sleep mode from a battle screen after maintenance begins, an ongoing multiplayer match may end in a loss, and this loss cannot be reversed.
- If you close the game or place the device in sleep mode from a battle screen after maintenance begins, the game may become unresponsive. In such a case, please restart the game.
- The game may not function as intended if a private match is started after the maintenance begins. In such a case, please close the game without issuing any commands.
- Maintenance may end before or after the stated time.
- It may take longer for some players to receive the update.
- If you're not able to update the game, it may be due to the cached data on the device. Please try turning off your device, restarting it after a couple of minutes have passed, and then try again.
- Saved replay data will be deleted, and will be unable to playback after the maintenance.
- Player Tournaments that are in progress or scheduled will be canceled.
- Please be sure to also back up your game data in case your device is lost or broken.

Important: Backing up Game Data

Shadowverse Team