Cross Craft Maintenance

We are planning to undergo maintenance for the Cross Craft format between 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m., December 13 (PT).

The Cross Craft format will be unavailable in ranked matches, unranked matches, private matches, Practice, and player tournaments during maintenance. However, all other formats and features will still be available.

Maintenance may end before or after the stated time.

Changes to Cards

The following card will be banned in the Cross Craft format:

- Hozumi, Enchanting Hostess

The following cards will be restricted in the Cross Craft format:

- Kagemitsu, Lost Samurai (previously restricted in the secondary class only)
- Sorcerer of Seven Forces
- Dragon Oracle
- Argente, Purest Silver
- Call of the Great Arm
- Briared Vampire
- Craftsman's Pride

Changes to Cross Craft Trial Decks

To reflect the additional card bans and restrictions in the Cross Craft format, The "Rally Sword/Portal" and "Spell Rune/Dragon" Trial Decks will be updated respectively as follows:

Rally Sword/Portal
- 3 copies of Craftsman's Pride

- 1 copy of Craftsman's Pride
- 1 copy of Royal Summons
- 1 copy of Octrice, Hollow Usurpation

Spell Rune/Dragon
- 3 copies of Dragon Oracle

- 1 copy of Dragon Oracle
- 2 copies of Si Long, Draconic God-Queen

Please see the announcement below for more details:

- Saved replay data will not be deleted, and will be able to be played back after the maintenance.
- Player tournaments that are in progress or scheduled will not be canceled.
- Matches may not function as intended in Cross Craft player tournaments if your registered deck has a banned card or more than 1 copy of a restricted card.
- The additional card restrictions and bans are not reflected in the deck shown in Cross Craft’s Rules screen.

Shadowverse Team