(Update) 1st Birthday Card Popularity Poll


The voting period for the 1st Birthday Card Popularity Poll has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated! Poll results will be announced in mid-July.


Shadowverse will be celebrating its first birthday on June 17. To celebrate, we're holding a poll on the most popular cards. The winners of this poll will become in-game leaders!

Polling takes place 11 p.m. June 15 – 8 a.m. June 27 (PT).

You can vote for one of ten preselected cards in each class, making for a total of seven cards.

To cast a vote, please open this announcement from the Google Play or iOS version of Shadowverse.

We can't wait to hear your voice!

Shadowverse Team

- A user ID is required to vote.
- Each user ID can only be used to vote once.
- There is no planned release date for these leader skins yet.
- If the voting period ends while you're on the voting screen, your vote might not be counted correctly.
- The information above may change without prior notice.