Cross Craft Ranked Matches

Special ranked matches for the limited-time format—Cross Craft—will be available after the v4.3.30 update.

Event Period

From the v4.3.30 update until the release of the next card set.

Note: The event period is subject to change depending on the circumstances of the update maintenance.


By earning score through Cross Craft ranked matches, players will be able achieve Cross Craft ranks A0 through Master and collect Cross Craft rank rewards as they climb. All players will begin with a score of 0 in Cross Craft, regardless of their current score in the Rotation or Unlimited formats, or their previous Cross Craft rank score.

The score required to reach each rank, as well as score lost from losses, differs from Rotation and Unlimited formats as follows:

Rank Score Requirements
A1: 100
A2: 400
A3: 900
AA0: 1,500
AA1: 2,300
AA2: 3,100
AA3: 4,000
Master: 5,000


- There is no Grand Master rank for the Cross Craft format.
- Cross Craft rank rewards for a rank previously achieved are still claimable even if a player retroactively drops below the rank.
- Any unclaimed Cross Craft rank rewards will appear in players' crates. If any unclaimed rewards do not appear in your crate, return to the title screen, and then check your crate again.
- Experience and achievements made in Cross Craft matches will only count towards the level and missions for the selected main class.
- Raising ranks in Cross Craft will not count towards rank up achievements. Wording for rank up achievements currently specify Rotation or Unlimited to reflect this.
- Rank score for Cross Craft may be reset again in future Cross Craft events.

Cross Craft Rank Rewards

A1: Ceridwen, Eternal Experimentalist emblem
A2: 200 rupies
A3: 2 upcoming card pack tickets
AA0: Ceridwen, Eternal Experimentalist sleeves
AA1: 200 rupies
AA2: 2 upcoming card pack tickets
AA3: 200 rupies
Master: 1 seer’s globe, Cross Craft Master flair

-If you already received the special Cross Craft Master flair in the previous Cross Craft season, the rewards for reaching Master rank will be 200 rupies and 1 seer's globe.

Cross Craft Master Score Ranking

Additional rewards will be given to the top players who earn the highest Cross Craft master scores during the event between the v4.3.30 update and 9:30 p.m., December 25 (PT).

1st - 3rd Place Players (Cross Craft)
1st Place:
- Master Score Champion (Cross Craft) flair
2nd Place:
- Master Score 2nd Place (Cross Craft) flair
3rd Place:
- Master Score 3rd Place (Cross Craft) flair

Cross Craft Master Rank Rewards
1st – 1,000th Place Players:
- 1 seer's globe
- 20 upcoming card pack tickets
- 5000 vials

1,001st – 10,000th Place Players:
- 10 upcoming card pack tickets
- 2500 vials


- Rewards distribution is scheduled for late December.
- Master score can only be gained or lost by participating in ranked matches after you have reached Master rank.

Shadowverse Team