Limited-Time Format: Cross Craft

The limited-time format—Cross Craft—will be available after the v4.3.30 update.

Event Period

From the v4.3.30 update until the release of the next card set.

Note: The event period is subject to change depending on the circumstances of the update maintenance.

How to Play

Cross Craft Overview

Cross Craft is a limited-time format in which players create decks from two separate classes out of the five most recent card sets and basic cards. A minimum of 24 cards are required for the main class, and at least 9 cards are required for the secondary class.

For better game balance in this format, restrictions will be placed on certain cards. Only one of each restricted card will be permitted in a Cross Craft deck. Some cards may be banned from use within the format as well. Furthermore, some restrictions or bans might only apply to cards when used as part of the secondary class.

In addition to the initial restrictions designated at the time of the v4.3.30 update, the Shadowverse team will be paying close attention to match analytics and is expected to designate additional restrictions on December 12 (JST) to improve game experience. Please note that cards added to the Cross Craft restriction list for this purpose will not receive a vial bonus when being liquefied.

Details on restricted and banned cards in Cross Craft:
Restricted Cards in Cross Craft

Features Supporting Cross Craft

- Create New Deck and Edit Deck
- Ranked matches
- Unranked matches
- Private matches
- Player tournaments
- Practice

Details on Cross Craft special ranked matches:
Cross Craft Ranked Matches

- Cross Craft decks cannot be used in story mode.
- In Cross Craft private matches, players will gain access to all usable cards for the format, allowing players to play with decks that contain otherwise unobtained cards.

Multi-Match Mode with Cross Craft

Players will not be able to select multiple decks that include a shared class when playing in multi-match modes such as BO3 or BO5/1BAN.

Example of Invalid Best of 3 Match Deck Selection
A player would not be able to enter a Best of 3 series if selecting the following two decks:

- Deck 1: Forestcraft as main class, Swordcraft as secondary class
- Deck 2: Swordcraft as main class, Runecraft as secondary class

Cross Craft Deck Editing

- Players must select a main class and a secondary class on the Select Leader screen.
- Players are able to swap their selected main class and secondary class on the Deck Edit screen.
- When copying a Cross Craft deck code, players are able to change the secondary class of a deck by unchecking the option to copy the secondary class.
- When copying a Rotation or Unlimited deck into Cross Craft via the Copy, Deck Code, QR Code (Camera), or QR Code (Image) features, players will need to select a secondary class. Please note that a copied deck will not be usable in the Cross Craft format until it has been edited to include at least 9 cards from the secondary class.

Special Cross Craft Screen

Players can access the Cross Craft screen from the banner on the left of the Home screen. Players will be able to confirm their current Cross Craft format rank, check the current list of restricted and banned cards, as well as collect Cross Craft Rank Rewards on this screen.

Cross Craft Trial Feature

The Cross Craft Trial feature allows players to use prebuilt Cross Craft decks in practice mode, ranked matches, and private matches. The Trial decks can be used regardless of whether the player has obtained cards all the cards in the selected deck or not. Players will be able to select these decks from Trial on the Select Deck screen.

List of Cross Craft Trial Decks
- Condemned Dragon/Rune
- Burial Rite Shadow/Sword
- Evolve Blood/Haven

On-Screen Details Shown in Matches

- Players will be able to confirm the two classes selected by their opponent on the top right of the screen during the card redraw phase at the beginning of a match.
- Class-specific HUDs for the two classes selected by each player will be displayed on the bottom left of the screen for the player, and top right of the screen for the opponent respectively.


- Experience and achievements made in Cross Craft matches will only count towards the level and missions for the selected main class.
- Raising ranks in Cross Craft will not count towards rank up achievements. Wording for rank up achievements currently specify Rotation or Unlimited to reflect this.

Shadowverse Team