(Update) Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond Announcement Giveaway

The teaser site for Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond is now live!

Teaser Site:


We're kicking off a special login bonus to celebrate the announcement of Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond! Play the game from 12:00 noon, December 10, to 12:00 noon, December 20 (PT) to get the following:

Day 1: Dreizehn emblem
Day 2: 1 Order Shift card pack ticket
Day 3: 1 Order Shift card pack ticket
Day 4: 1 Order Shift card pack ticket
Day 5: Dreizehn card sleeves

- Players who have cleared the tutorial and accessed the Home screen during the above stated period are able to receive these rewards.
- Play during the period stated above to receive these rewards in addition to the normal daily bonus.
- Days reset at 12:00 noon (PT).

Shadowverse Team