Resurgent Legends Temporary Decks and Trial Feature

Resurgent Legends Temporary Decks will be available in the Shop and for trial after the v4.4.0 update. The Temporary Decks have also been added to the list of decks as opponents in Practice.

Temporary Decks are prebuilt decks consisting of only temporary cards. You can exchange one using a Resurgent Legends Temporary Deck ticket.

One Resurgent Legends Temporary Deck ticket will be gifted to all players who have cleared the tutorial and played the game while the Resurgent Legends Temporary Decks are available in the Shop.
Once the ticket appears in your crate, you have 14 days to pick it up, so don't forget to claim them in time!

Temporary Decks Available:
- Mysteria Runecraft
- Last Words Shadowcraft
- Artifact Portalcraft

Resurgent Legends Temporary Decks will be available for exchange in the Shop after the v4.4.0 update until the official release of the next card set.

- Temporary Decks can be obtained from the Buy Prebuilt Decks page in the Shop.
- The Temporary Decks screen is displayed only if you have a Resurgent Legends Temporary Deck ticket.
- Each Resurgent Legends Temporary Deck can only be purchased with a Resurgent Legends Temporary Deck ticket.
- Resurgent Cards will be included in Resurgent Legends Temporary Decks.
- Resurgent Cards can be used in all formats except Unlimited.
- Players who have cleared the tutorial and accessed the Home screen during the above stated period are able to receive these rewards.

Trial Feature

Trial is a feature that lets you try Temporary Decks in Ranked Matches, Private Matches, and Quests before deciding on which deck to get. To try out a Temporary Deck, select a deck in the Trial page from the Rotation deck selection screen.
Trial Decks can't be used in the Unlimited format.

Order Shift Temporary Decks

With the release of Resurgent Legends, the Order Shift Temporary Decks will no longer be available for purchase, and players will be unable to use temporary cards obtained from previously purchased Order Shift Temporary Decks.
The Trial Decks will also be updated to Resurgent Legends Temporary Decks, with the exception of those usable in Story mode. Previous Temporary Decks will continue to be available for player use in Story battles.

Resurgent Legends Temporary Decks Added to Practice

Resurgent Legends Temporary Decks can now be selected under difficulty settings in solo play Practice matches.

Shadowverse Team