(Update) Changes to Cards in the June Release

We incorrectly stated that the gold Dragoncraft card Phoenix Roost has been in maintenance since the April 26 update. The correct date is April 2, and we have reflected this change in the announcement below.

In the June 28 update, we're going to be making changes to the effect and cost of cards in Shadowverse. This is an explanation of what will happen and why.

Summary of Changes

1. The Shadowcraft follower Shadow Reaper will cost 3 instead of 2.
2. The bronze Neutral amulet Test of Strength will now have the effect "Countdown (2) All followers that come into play gain Ward until this amulet leaves play." This will replace the current effect, "Leaders cannot be attacked if there is a follower that can be attacked in their area."

For a limited time after changes are made, these two cards will produce more vials when liquefied.


As part of the May 22 update, the effects of Prince Catacomb, Wind Reader Zell, and Lightning Blast were changed. We made these changes to adjust the win rate and use rate of Midrange Shadow decks (Shadowcraft decks built around Demonlord Eachtar), Aggro Shadow decks (Shadowcraft decks with low-cost cards and fewer copies of Demonlord Eachtar), and Ramp Dragon decks (Dragoncraft decks that increase a player's play point orbs at the beginning of the match and then use high-cost cards in the middle of the match).

Our early June tally of high-ranked players' match data showed that the Ramp Dragon decks' earlier prechange 54.0% win rate has become a 55.3% win rate; the prechange 26.8% use rate has become an 11.5% use rate. So while the win rate remains high, the use rate has dropped. For a Tier 1 deck, this feels right to us.

In regard to Shadowcraft, win rates and use rates are still both high. The earlier prechange 56.6% win rate (Midrange alone) has become a 57.1% win rate (Midrange and Aggro combined); the earlier prechange 26.1% use rate (Midrange and Aggro combined) has become a 20.8% use rate (Midrange and Aggro combined).

And while the win rate for all decks when going first is 51.9%, the win rate for Midrange Shadow and Aggro Shadow when going first is a higher-than-average 54.2%.

To recap, we feel that Shadowcraft currently has two issues:
1. The class's win rate and use rate are high when Midrange Shadow and Aggro Shadow are added together
2. The win rate is significantly higher when going first compared to going second.

To fix these issues, we're changing the cost of Shadow Reaper from 2 play points to 3.

There are three reasons that we feel that this is the right change to make.

1. Midrange Shadow and Aggro Shadow decks almost always contain three copies of the card.
2. Its ability helps give an advantage to Shadowcraft players who play first.
3. The card doesn't cost much for how strong its ability is. If a player has two Shadow Reapers in the middle of the match, it can be easy for them to close out the match.

The other card that's being changed this time, Test of Strength, is a part of some Havencraft decks that include Heavenly Aegis. Match data from high-ranked users reveals that these Aegis Haven decks have a 49.9% win rate and an 8.0% use rate. This presents no issue in itself, but the deck's win rate is higher in lower ranks: in B rank the win rate is 54.0%, and in C rank the win rate is 56.5%. (The win rate of most other decks doesn't vary greatly by rank.)

This issue is probably related to the overall slower pace of matches in lower ranks. In slower matches, it's easier to set up the Test of Strength / Heavenly Aegis combo. And once a player sets the combo up, they've more or less already won.

This change will keep the effect that makes leaders unattackable while followers are in play, and at the same time it will eliminate the combo with Heavenly Aegis. We predict that this will bring the Aegis Haven deck's win rate in line for lower ranks.

Test of Strength's effect will be changed to help resolve this issue.

Prechange effect: Countdown (2) Leaders cannot be attacked if there is a follower that can be attacked in their area

Postchange effect: Countdown (2) All followers that enter play gain Ward until this amulet leaves play

Take Two Runs

These changes will be also applied to all Take Two decks after maintenance, even if the deck is being used in the middle of a five-match run.

Future Changes to Cards

We routinely review match data in the Shadowverse Team. When it's necessary to create a great game environment, we change the card costs and effects and boost the number of vials that are available from liquefying cards. Any future changes to cards' costs and abilities will be announced on a prespecified date, and then changes will generally be made the next day.

July 29 (Announcement) July 30 (Change)
August 28 (Announcement) August 29 (Change)
September 26 (Announcement) September 27 (Change)

These dates are, however, subject to change. Even if there are no changes made to cards, we'll still announce that things are staying the same.

Temporary Vial Bonus

From the June 28 update until the next major update, Shadow Reaper and Test of Strength will produce more vials when liquefied.

Normal and animated copies of Shadow Reaper will both produce 800 vials.
Normal and animated copies of Test of Strength will both produce 50 vials.

After that time, the number of vials that each card produces will return to normal.

Phoenix Roost Maintenance

The Dragoncraft gold card Phoenix Roost has been in maintenance since the April 2 update, and it's currently slated to be taken out of maintenance on July 30. Once a date has been finalized, we'll provide additional information.

Thanks for all of your patience and understanding,

Shadowverse Team