Seer's Globes Available in the Shop Each Month

From 5 p.m., Jun 30 (PT), a limited number of seer's globes will be available for purchase in the Shop each month.

Up to three seer's globes can be bought for 30,000 vials each. On 5 p.m. on the last day of each month (PT), it will be possible to buy another three seer's globes.

To buy a seer's globe, go to Shop > Customize > Buy Items.

Seer's globes turn regular cards into animated cards. To use a seer's globe, look at the detailed view of the regular card that you'd like to use it on.

- The number of globes that can be bought doesn't carry over to the next month. If you don't buy any globes in July, it will still only be possible to buy three globes during the next month.

- The discounted "One Time Only! Seer's Globe x1" can only be bought once. This deal doesn't reset each month.

- When the cost or ability of a card is changed, any seer's globes that were used on that card won't be returned.

- The number of vials that you receive for liquefying an animated card made by seer's globes will be the same as for a regular animated version of it.

Shadowverse Team