Two Times Special Offer on Crystals and Card Packs to Celebrate the Deck Builder Fest

We will be offering a limited (two times only) purchase set to celebrate the Steam Deck Builder Fest! The set will include 5,000 crystals and 25 Heroes of Shadowverse card pack tickets!

This special offer is available from the release of the v4.5.0 update until 8:00 a.m., April 2 (PT).

- This offer can be accessed via the banner in the home screen or the Buy Crystals panel on the Shop screen.
- During the above period, players can select the Buy Crystals Only button to purchase crystals outside of this offer.
- This offer is only available twice per account.
- The banner will disappear from the home screen once players have taken advantage of this offer twice.

Deck Builder Fest is an event brought to you by Valve Corporation on Steam.

Shadowverse Team