[Important Notice] Changes after the v4.5.20 Update

With the v4.5.20 update on the night of May 19 (PT), the system requirements for the game will change.


Shadowverse will become unplayable on mobile devices that do not meet the minimum system requirements. Data link will also become inaccessible so please make sure to link your data to a supported device before the v4.5.20 update.

Minimum System Requirements after the v4.5.20 Update

Operating System (OS): iOS 12.0 or newer

- The game is not guaranteed to run on all devices that meet the operating system requirements. Performance may differ based on device specifications.
- You can check what the current recommended devices are on our official site.
- If you have an unsupported device, please make sure to link your data to a supported device before the v4.5.20 update.

How to Link Data

1. Start the Shadowverse app on your original device. On the More screen, select "Device Link."
2. Select "Link."
3. Select "Create Device Link Password." (If you have made a Device Link password for your account before, the option will show as "Change Device Link Password" instead.)
4. Select "Create Password."
5. Enter a password, check the box next to "Agree to Privacy Policy," and press "Create Password."
6. Once you've set a password, install the Shadowverse app on your new device.
7. Start Shadowverse on your new device and select "Link Data" from the upper left of the title screen.
8. Select "Link."
9. Select "Device Link with User ID and Password."
10. Enter your original user ID and the Device Link password you created. (You can check your user ID on the lower right of the title screen, or on your profile, which can be accessed from the More screen on your original device.)
11. Select "Link."
12. Using Device Link will overwrite any game data on your new device. Confirm the data you will overwrite, then select "Link."
13. You've successfully linked your new device! Select "OK" to restart the game. You will now be able to play with the linked game data on your new device.

Please see Important: Backing up Game Data for more details.

- Be especially careful not to input the wrong Device Link password as it can permanently overwrite your data.
- You can link your smartphone account to only one Steam account.
- Crystals purchased in the smartphone version cannot be used in the Steam version and vice versa, but will remain intact for whichever version you purchased them with.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding. These changes are essential to ensure the app continues to run smoothly and to facilitate future successful developments of the game.

Shadowverse Team