(Update) Puzzles Update


The first "Special Round" mission has been added to Puzzle mode as of 6:00 p.m., July 5 (PT).


New "Special Round" puzzles will be added to Puzzle mode each month from July until September!

Additional puzzle missions associated with the "Special Round" will also be available. Solve the new puzzles to get Legendary Card pack tickets and a Light emblem!

Puzzle Mission

By completing the “Special Round” puzzle missions, you can earn the following rewards:
- Legendary Card pack tickets
- Light emblem


Fulfill puzzle missions to win rewards! A new puzzle mission and new puzzles will be added each month!

1st mission: Legendary Card pack ticket
-Clear the Swordcraft, Runecraft, and Havencraft puzzles.

2nd mission: Legendary Card pack ticket
-Clear the Forestcraft, Shadowcraft, and Bloodcraft puzzles.

3rd mission: Legendary Card pack ticket
-Clear the Dragoncraft and Portalcraft puzzles.

Clear all Special Round puzzle missions to win a Light emblem.

- Rewards can only be earned when solving the puzzles for the first time.
- You can only earn mission rewards by solving the associated missions.

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