Pick One Leader Card! Eris's Card Pack Bundle

Pick one leader card! Eris's card pack bundle will be available in the Shop for 1000 crystals each from 8:00 p.m., June 16, until 1:00 p.m., June 30 (PT). The tenth pack has a guaranteed selected leader card.

Purchase Bonuses
- Limonia, Ruinous Saint (evolved) animated card sleeves

Available Leader Cards

Aria, Guiding Fairy
Liza, Queen of the Forest
Ladica, the Stoneclaw
Omnis, Prime Okami
Brilliant Fairy
Sekka, Fatebound Fox
XII. Wolfraud, Hanged Man
Piercye, Queen of Frost
Hozumi, Enchanting Hostess
Magachiyo, Barbed Convict
Albert, Levin Saber
Darksaber Melissa
Dionne, Dancing Blade
Tsubaki of the Demon Blade
Nahtnaught, Cursed Queen
Tactical Dog
Mars, Belligerent Flame
Barbaros, Briny Convict
Daria, Dimensional Witch
Wizardess of Oz
Kyoka, Prize Pupil
Teo, Prophetess of Creation
Kuon, Founder of Onmyodo
Runie, Resolute Diviner
Eleanor, Glorious Flower
Sephie, Depraved Convict
Aldos, Imperial Dragoon
Whitefrost Dragonewt Filene
Galmieux, Omen of Disdain
Valdain, Cursed Shadow
Rola, Inferno Dragoon
Aiela, Devoted Knight
Ignis Dragon
Resplendent Phoenix
Romelia, Lightning Striker
Lumiore, Prestigious Gold
Aisha, Underworld Sovereign
Miyako, Pudding Poltergeist
Aenea, Amethyst Rebel
Ginsetsu, Great Fox
Amy, Psychopomp Guide
VI. Milteo, The Lovers
Ceridwen, Eternal Duality
Departed Soultaker
Exella, Dark General
Venomfang Medusa
Mono, Garnet Rebel
Yuzuki, Righteous Demon
Dark Emperor
Laura, Crimson Strife
Katya, Bloodsucker of the Night
Signa, Sealed Madwolf
Ramina, Moon Al-mi'raj
Godsworn Alexiel
Lapis, Glorious Seraph
Elana, Purest Prayer
Jeanne, Despair's Salvation
Wilbert, Luminous Paladin
Holy Saber
Elluvia, Graceful Lady
Spinaria, Keeper of Enigmas
Orchis, Puppet Girl
Lishenna, Omen of Destruction
Ralmia, Sonic Racer
Belphomet, Ultimate Creator
Iceschillendrig, Gilded Autocrat
Magna Zero
Lucille, Keeper of Relics
Maisha, Purgation's Vessel
Shion, Immortal Aegis
Kyrzael, Killshot Enforcer

- Eris's card pack bundle can be purchased via the in-game shop.
(Shop > Buy Cards > Buy Packs)
- This bundle can only be purchased with crystals.
- You can select the leader of your choice from the Select a Leader Card screen.
- This offer is only available once per account.
- With the exceptions of Kyrzael, Killshot Enforcer; Signa, Sealed Madwolf; and Departed Soultaker, guaranteed leader cards will show up as the last card in the tenth pack.
- Limited-time leader cards are not included in the leader cards available.
- Draw rates can be checked from the card pack purchase screen.

Thank you for playing, and we hope you enjoy the card pack bundles!

Shadowverse Team