Limited-Time Take Two All-Stars Private Match Missions

As part of the 8th Anniversary Cup celebrations, Take Two All-Stars private match missions will be available during the period below:

8:00 p.m., June 14–1:00 p.m., June 17 (PT)

During this period, the limited-time mission "Play 1 Take Two All-Stars Private Match (without quitting)" will appear once a day in your missions list. To start the mission, create a Take Two private match and select the "Take Two All-Stars" option.

Take Two All-Stars is a special Take Two format available as part of the 8th Anniversary Cup festivities. Players will be able to select from 80 cards per class in addition to 12 Neutral cards, making for a total of 92 cards in each class card pool. Cards will be available across all rarities and released card sets.

Check the link below for the list of available cards:

Completing the limited-time mission will earn you a Grand Prix ticket, for up to a total of three Grand Prix tickets during the event period.

- Take Two All-Stars will only be available during the above period and during the 8th Anniversary Cup.
- The card pool for Take Two All-Stars will be the same in private matches as in the 8th Anniversary Cup.
- The limited-time mission will appear in addition to standard missions.
- A limited-time mission from the previous day can't be carried over to the next day.
- Days reset at 1:00 p.m. (PT).
- The limited-time mission can be completed by playing against the same opponent each day.

Shadowverse Team