NGE Shadowverse Open Season 2 Starts Today!

The NGE Shadowverse Open returns this weekend, with separate tournaments for players from both Europe and North America!

Qualifying rounds start on Saturday Jul 22 for European players and on Sunday Jul 23 for American players, so register now if you are interested in competing for cash prizes.

The NGE Shadowverse Open Season 2 will consist of a tournament for players from Europe and a tournament for players from America. Each tournament will have a prize pool of $16,000, and each will consist of a series of three qualifier tournaments followed by a month-long invitational round robin tournament and then the grand finals.

From the second week of the NGE Shadowverse Open, both tournaments will be broadcast from the NGE Studios in Burbank, California live to, with videos on demand being made available on YouTube. For additional broadcast and signup information visit the NGE Shadowverse Open website.

Shadowverse Team