Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel Tie-In

Get your “trace” on for a new tie-in event featuring Masters and Heroic Spirits from the Fate universe starting from Sep 27. Get tie-in emblems and sleeves!

You can buy Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel leader sets from the shop. Each set includes the leader itself, an emblem, a sleeve, and a flair.

Saber (Dragoncraft)
Archer (Forestcraft)
Illya (Havencraft)
Saber Alter (Shadowcraft)
Rider (Bloodcraft)
Lancer (Swordcraft)
Rin (Runecraft)

Once acquired, there is no time limit for special emblems, sleeves, and leaders. Please be aware, however, that tie-in leader sales may end without notice.

Everyone who finishes the tutorial and plays the game during the tie-in period is eligible to receive the daily bonuses which include:

Sakura Matou's emblem and sleeve
Starforged Legends tickets

Behold as Masters and Servants descend upon the world of Shadowverse in pursuit of the Holy Grail!

Shadowverse Team