(Update) Update on Sept 27

The update on September 27 includes the following:

- Starforged Legends card pack added
This expansion includes 104 new cards.

- Specially illustrated cards with new leaders
Two new specially illustrated leader cards will be added with the release of Starforged Legends.

Daria, Dimensional Witch
Aldos, Imperial Dragoon

When obtaining a specially illustrated leader card, you will also receive the card's leader, emblem and card sleeve. These cards share the same costs and abilities as the respective cards they are based on, but cannot be created using vials. There are both normal and animated versions of these cards; normal versions can be animated using Seer's Globes. You can only have one copy of the leader, emblem and card sleeve.

- New chapters to the main story
Play Chapter 15 for Arisa, Erika, Isabelle, Rowen, Luna, Urias, and 9-15 for Eris.

- New feature to assist with clearing main story chapters
A new option will be added to allow players to use prebuilt decks from the shop for free after failing to clear a chapter twice (this option will not be available for chapters which have already been cleared).

- All classes can now be leveled up to 150
The level cap for all classes has been increased from 100 to 150.

- Updated rewards for clearing the tutorial
In addition to the other rewards, you will now get 10 Wonderland Dreams card pack tickets.

- Vials gained for liquefying Big Knuckle Bodyguard, Scarlet Sabreur, Demonlord Eachtar, and Falise, Leonardian Mage will change back to their original values
After the August 29 update, liquefying Big Knuckle Bodyguard, Scarlet Sabreur, Demonlord Eachtar, and Falise, Leonardian Mage would result in bonus vials. After the September 27 update, obtained vials will be returned to their respective, original amounts.

Big Knuckle Bodyguard
Normal: From 50 vials back to 10 vials
Animated: From 50 vials back to 30 vials

Scarlet Sabreur
Normal: From 200 vials back to 50 vials
Animated: From 200 vials back to 120 vials

Falise, Leonardian Mage
Normal: From 800 vials back to 250 vials
Animated: From 800 vials back to 600 vials

Demonlord Eachtar
Normal: From 3500 vials back to 1000 vials
Animated: From 3500 vials back to 2500 vials

- Changes to cards that appear in Take Two
With the release of Starforged Legends, cards that will appear during the deck building phase of Take Two will be updated accordingly to include bronze basic cards from every class (excluding Neutral) in addition to all the cards from Rise of Bahamut, Tempest of the Gods, Wonderland Dreams, and Starforged Legends. All other cards from previous card packs and the bronze Havencraft spell Manifestation of Faith will not appear.

- Minor card text changes
The following cards have had their text updated for clarity.
1. Arthurian Light
2. Koga Kunoichi
3. Tribunal of Good and Evil

- Adjustments to card cost and abilities (Update)
1. The Legendary Neutral follower Alice, Wonderland Explorer's ability will be changed.
2. The Legendary Havencraft follower Lion of the Golden City's cost will be changed.
3. The Bronze Swordcraft follower Vagabond Frog's cost will be changed.
4. The Silver Swordcraft spell Shield of Flame's ability will be changed.

From the September 27 update until the next major update, the above cards will produce more vials when liquefied. For more details, please see the "Changes to Cards in the September Release" announcement.

It may take longer for some people to get the update. If you're not able to update the app, it may be due to the cached data on the device. Please try turning off and restarting the device after a couple of minutes and try again. Saved replay data will be deleted after maintenance.

Thanks for playing!

Shadowverse Team