Shadowverse Will Be at TwitchCon 2017!

Shadowverse will be at TwitchCon 2017 this weekend so be sure to turn up in person or tune in to the official Twitch streams for a whole bunch of fun stuff!

For example, at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday Oct 21 (PT) we will have the Shadowverse Celebrity Showdown on the TwitchCon esports stage – a veritable extravaganza of card-based strategic fun featuring two teams of legendary streamers. Brian Kibler, Thijs and Justin Wong on one side will take on the might of Reynad, Hafu and Eloise on the other in a Shadowverse Showmatch with a twitch. Wait, not a twitch. A twist! Check it out at the event itself or on the official Twitch esports stream:

And tune in to Twitch later to see Eloise and Hafu reflecting on the latest Starforged Legends expansion. They'll be on stage at 5:15-5:30 p.m. (PT). We will also have the Wizardess of Oz with us in person, helping us to hand out Starforged Legends promotional cards and LIMITED EDITION tin badges. And we can't rule out an appearance by that rowdy root vegetable, the Ultimate Carrot.

So hopefully see you there, or on the streams!

Shadowverse Team