Introducing the Shadowverse Charity Deckstravaganza!

We are happy to announce the Shadowverse Charity Deckstravaganza - where your favorite Shadowverse community streamers, artists, team captains, and casters will compete for charity, LIVE!

Each player will work with their fans to pick their decks to compete in a single elimination bracket. The top four players will get to donate a piece of the $2,000 prize to a charity of their choice.

Charity Prizing:
1st: $1,000
2nd: $500
3rd: $250
4th: $250

When: 4:00 p.m., Friday Nov 17 (PT)
Ignideus - community streamer
EnvyBaer - community streamer/caster
TheJordude - community streamer
PrepCoin - community streamer
BakaBaka - community streamer
MofuMocha - community streamer/caster
TimTimmyTimTim - community streamer
Aselia - community artist
MochaMofu - community artist
Dork Dragoon - community artist
WonderMelodies - community streamer/SN
Potwasher - DIS
Botalz - CpV
Szerro - HSK
Red - MS
CureMango - community streamer

Shadowverse Team