Crystal Price Change for Players in Brazil

The prices of crystals for players in Brazil have been changed.

1-Time Deal! 600-crystal set  20.99R$ → 19.90R$
50 Crystals 3.39R$ → 3.50R$
300 Crystals 20.99R$ → 19.90R$
600 Crystals 36.99R$ → 34.90R$
1200 Crystals 70.99R$ → 69.90R$
2400 Crystals  139.99R$ → 129.90R$
5000 Crystals 279.99R$ → 259.90R$
Special Offer! 7500-crystal set 279.99R$ → 259.90R$

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Shadowverse!

The Shadowverse Team