Multiplayer Battle Issue Causing Matches to End in a Draw

Some players may encounter the following issue while in a multiplayer battle:
Selecting Alice, Wonderland Explorer from your hand when using a Burial Rite effect will cause the match to end in a draw.

We are working to fix this issue by the next update. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Additionally, as part of our measures to fix this issue, we will be disabling Alice, Wonderland Explorer in Take Two from 1:00 A.M., January 17 (PT). It is possible that Alice, Wonderland Explorer will still appear during deck construction if you enter a Take Two run and select a leader before 1:00 A.M., January 17 (PT). Decks constructed before this time may also contain Alice, Wonderland Explorer.

In accordance with the prohibitions detailed in Article 11 of our Terms of Service Agreement, players found to be intentionally using this issue to disturb normal gameplay may incur unannounced penalties, including account suspension. Furthermore, if a tournament participant is found to be intentionally using this issue to interfere with the results of a tournament match, that player will be punished in accordance with all tournament rules and regulations.

Thank you for your understanding.

Shadowverse Team