New Cards to Be Added to Dawnbreak, Nightedge in Late May

As a new experiment, seventeen cards will be added to Dawnbreak, Nightedge in late May, or about two months after the set is released.

Until now, the game environment has stayed fluid in the three months between sets because of changes we've made to stats and card effects. It's not ideal, though, to change a large number of cards simply to shake things up. The staggered release of cards, therefore, represents a different way to keep the play environment fresh.

In the second and third months after a set is released, fewer ranked matches tend to be played. We're hoping that this experiment will boost the number of ranked matches played in the third month, which will in turn improve the play experience.

Please bear in mind that this change is experimental. Depending on how it's received, we may alter our release schedule for the following set.

To make sure everyone can start using the additional cards right away, we're planning to give out card pack tickets in late May. We're also currently at work preparing fun new content for Shadowverse's second birthday in June.

We hope you're looking forward to these extras as much as we are.

Shadowverse Team