Winners' Decks for the Dawnbreak, Nightedge Rotation Cup Grand Prix

The Dawnbreak, Nightedge Rotation Cup Grand Prix successfully concluded on April 23 (PT). Thanks to all of the many players who took part!

You can check out some of the decks from 1st place finishers who won 5 consecutive matches in Group A in-game. Tap the banner in the upper right of the Home screen to view them.

How to Copy Decks
To make a copy of any of these decks, go to Shadowverse Portal and then tap Create Deck Code. Copy the code that appears, and enter it when you're making a deck in Shadowverse.

- Winning deck information will be available until 1:00 p.m., May 5 (PT). You must have space in-game to create a Rotation deck in order to successfully copy a deck.
- The decks above are named according to the deck types (Neutral Forestcraft, etc.), but they aren't the actual deck names that were used in-game.

Shadowverse Team