Chapter 1 of the Prologue is now Animated!

As part of our celebration for Shadowverse's 2nd birthday, we've fully animated the first chapter of the Prologue.

Arisa and Losaria are training hard to become forest guardians when a shade creeps up on them...

Get ready to see where Arisa's story began from a whole new, animated perspective!

- If you're playing Shadowverse for the first time:
When you start playing the game, the tutorial will begin. Play the first chapter, "1. Prologue."

- If you've cleared the tutorial:
Clear the main story though Ch. 15 for a leader other than Yuwan. After this, the Story Selection screen will appear. From the Story Selection screen, select "0. Prologue," and then select "1. Prologue."

The cutscene may not play correctly on all versions of macOS High Sierra. If playback issues occur, update to a newer version of the operating system, and try again. Check with your operating system provider for details about updating your operating system.

Shadowverse Team