Changes to Cards in the August 20 Release

Hello folks! In the August 20 (PT) release, we won't be making any changes to cards' costs or effects. There also won't be any new bans or one-card restrictions in Unlimited.

We've gone over data from high-ranking Rotation and Unlimited matches in early August and found the game environment to be diverse, with no deck archetype in particular holding an overwhelming win or usage rate. As such, we won't be making any balance changes to cards in the upcoming update.

The Current Game Environment

For players going first, we've found that in Unlimited they had win rates of 51.3% across all deck archetypes. This is very close to our ideal of 50%. As for Rotation, we've found that players going first had win rates of 53.2% across all deck archetypes. This is somewhat high, so we will be keeping an eye on the game environment after the additional cards from Brigade of the Sky are added on August 20 to see if any adjustments to effects or cost are needed.

(In our Changes to Cards in the July 17 Release, we mentioned that changes will be implemented on August 19, however we have changed that date to August 20.)

Outlook and Future Changes

We routinely review match data in the Shadowverse Team. In order to maintain a great game environment, we change card costs and effects and boost the number of vials that are available from liquefying cards when their strength is reduced. This includes both of our constructed formats, Rotation and Unlimited. In addition to the card changes we've made in the past and card changes targeted at Rotation, we will designate cards to have a one-card restriction or card bans for Unlimited.

Any future changes to card costs and effects will be announced in advance, and then changes will generally be made the next day. See below for the scheduled announcement and change dates.

Sep 25 (Announcement), Sep 26 (Change)

These dates are, however, subject to change. Even if there are no changes made to cards, we'll still announce that things are staying the same. If emergency changes are deemed necessary, we may make changes, specify restrictions, or specify banned cards outside of the above dates.

That's all for this time. See you next update!

Shadowverse Team