(Update) Short Update on January 6

Maintenance has ended. In addition to the Prince of Cocytus Accelerate issue we've also resolved the issue where playing Lord Atomy in certain circumstances would cause matches to end in a draw.

We are planning to undergo a brief maintenance to resolve the Prince of Cocytus Accelerate issue during the following period:

10:00 p.m., – 10:30 p.m., January 6 (PT).

The game will be inaccessible during maintenance. If you are in a match when it starts, the match will end in a draw. If you close the app or place the device in sleep mode when maintenance begins, a match in progress will end in a loss and will not be reversed.

Maintenance may end before or after the stated time.

It may take longer for some people to get the update. If you're not able to update the app, it may be due to the cached data on the device. Please try turning off and restarting the device after a couple of minutes and try again. Saved replay data will be deleted after maintenance. Please back up your game data in case your device is lost or broken.

Important: Backing up Game Data

Shadowverse Team