(Update) RAGE Shadowverse 2024 Spring GRAND FINALS Winner Prediction Event

The results for the RAGE Shadowverse 2024 Spring GRAND FINALS have been announced!

1st Place: ippoutuukou
2nd Place: Re=L

Rewards for players who correctly predicted the champion and the runner-up have been sent to their crates.
*You can check who you voted for via the event banner, which will be up on the Home screen until 11:00 p.m., March 27 (PT).


To celebrate the RAGE Shadowverse 2024 Spring GRAND FINALS slated to take place in Japan on March 24 (JST), we're kicking off a winner prediction event. Correctly predict the winner and runner-up to get special rewards! Participate in the event from 11:00 p.m., March 19, until 5:00 a.m., March 23 (PT), to also receive free card pack tickets.


1st Place:
1 Academy of Ages card pack ticket
1 Heroes of Rivenbrandt card pack ticket
1 Order Shift card pack ticket
1 Resurgent Legends card pack ticket
1 upcoming card pack ticket

2nd Place:
1 Order Shift card pack ticket
1 Resurgent Legends card pack ticket

All players who participate in the event will get 2 Resurgent Legends card pack tickets.

For more information on finalists, visit the official RAGE Shadowverse 2023 Winter GRAND FINALS site. First, second, and third place prediction voting results will be announced during the opening of the tournament.

*The site is available in Japanese only.

- Participate in the event by tapping on the banner on the Home screen and selecting the contestant you think will win.
- Players can only participate in the event once.
- Rewards will be sent to your crate on the Home screen. Please note that it may take some time until you receive the rewards.
- If the event ends while you're on the winner prediction screen, your player selection may not be counted.
- If you encounter issues sharing your vote on Twitter, please try updating your device's operating system to the latest version.
- The event is only available for the mobile version of the app.
- You will have 14 days to claim the rewards after they appear in your crate. Please be sure to claim them in time.

The RAGE Shadowverse 2024 Spring GRAND FINALS and this winner prediction event are brought to you by CyberZ, Inc., avex entertainment, Inc., and TV Asahi Corporation.

(C) RAGE (C) Cygames, Inc.

Shadowverse Team