(Update) v3.6.30 Update

We are planning to undergo maintenance during the following period:
4:00 p.m., February 28 – 6:30 p.m., February 28 (PT)

This update includes the following:

Battle Pass Season 2 Rewards Added to the Shop

Battle Pass Season 2 rewards will be purchasable in the Shop. Rewards can be purchased as separate character sets, with each set including its respective emblem and/or card sleeves if available.

The following sets will be purchasable for 500 crystals:
- Grea (leader)
- Greatpick Corpse (alternate-art card)
- Draconic Counsel (alternate-art card)

The following sets will be purchasable for 400 crystals each:
- Vyrn, Li'l Red Dragon
- Razia, Vengeful Cannonlancer
- Noa, Primal Shipwright
- Primordial Colossus
- Ayer, Ashen Brawler
- Bone Maven

- You will only receive a set's respective emblem and card sleeves if you don't already have them.
- Battle Pass rewards are only purchasable with crystals.
- You cannot purchase set supplies individually; all items in a set must be purchased together.
- Battle Pass reward availability is subject to change without prior notice.

Adjustments to the Runecraft Spellboosts Button

Adjusted the Runecraft Spellboosts button that is displayed during matches.

New Story Chapters

Itsurugi chapters of The Empyrean Inn will be added to the story mode.

New Feature to Paste Match ID from Clipboard

Added feature to paste from device clipboard when entering a Match ID to join or watch a private match, or to join a tournament.
Players will be able to use the Paste button if they have a a 5-digit ID copied when attempting to join or watch a private match, or if they have a 6-digit ID copied when attempting to join a tournament.

New Feature to Copy Private Match Details on PC Version

Added feature for private match hosts to be able to copy match details when playing on PC versions of the game. When no opponents are in the private match room, the host will be able to select Copy Message to generate and copy a message they can share with others that includes the private match's ID and format.

- Players playing on smartphone versions of the game are already able to post match detail messages directly onto Twitter.
- The above feature is not available for Tournament Mode.

Bug Fixes

The following issues have been resolved:

- Issue with Octrice, Hollow Usurpation retaining gained temporary effects beyond the end of the opponent's turn.
- Issue with Octrice, Hollow Usurpation and Ward visual effects lingering under certain conditions.
- Issue with auto deck building feature in tournaments creating decks with less than 40 cards.

- Issue in Take Two private matches where players could edit their deck before matches.

The issue has been resolved, and an error message will now show when trying to attempt this. In this case, players will need to first return to the title screen, then use the Resume Match feature to begin their match using the deck they have already made.

Please see the announcement below for more details:


The game will be inaccessible during maintenance. If you are in a match when it starts, the match will end in a draw. If you close the game or place the device in sleep mode when maintenance begins, any match in progress will end in a loss, and this loss cannot be reversed.

If you place the device in sleep mode while in a match after the maintenance begins, the game may fail to respond even after the maintenance ends. In such a case, please restart the game.

Progress for all ongoing solo play battles will be lost, including battles that have been paused by closing the game.

All Player Tournaments that are in progress or scheduled will be cancelled.
Please also note that maintenance may end before or after the stated time.

Saved replay data will be deleted after maintenance.

It may take longer for some people to get the update. If you're not able to update the game, it may be due to the cached data on the device. Please try turning off your device, restarting it after a couple of minutes have passed, and then try again.

Please be sure to also back up your game data in case your device is lost or broken.
Follow the link below for more information:
Important: Backing up Game Data

Shadowverse Team