Starter Deck Series: Forestcraft


This series showcases sample decks for Shadowverse beginners. For those who have a limited card collection, worry not! The decks are built with only bronze and silver rares.

This time, we’re covering Forestcraft. I’ll show you one way to take advantage of this class.

Sample Deck: Forestcraft (Arisa)


(Deck Cost: 2,250)

This is a combo deck where you play low-cost followers back-to-back and buff them up for the win. Forestcraft has many class-specific tricks up its sleeve, which is how it differs from Swordcraft.


Forestcraft is number 1 in the game in terms of sheer hand size. Develop the board with an army of 1/1 fairies to overwhelm your opponent in true Forestcraft style.


Many Forestcraft cards offer a bonus effect if you play them after playing at least two other cards during the same turn. You can see how many cards you have played in a turn by looking at the lower left corner, and cards in your hand will have a yellow highlight if the bonus requirement has been met.

Core of the Deck!


Forestcraft has many cards that can return followers to your hand, allowing you to repeatedly take advantage of Fanfare effects. Each card played will use up PP, so a single misplay can cost you the game. Calculate the total cost ahead of time to avoid making mistakes.

Spice It Up!


Rhinoceroach is a staple card in any Forestcraft deck as it can easily finish off opponents in combination with cards that return it to your hand. In the sample deck, swap it in for Archer to increase your win conditions.


This card can serve as a catalyst to replace a hand full of fairies with other cards. In the sample deck, take out Wandering Elf Mage and Magna Botanist and swap this in, combined with Path to Purgatory.

This legendary could possibly be the best card in the game due to its valuable ability. There’s no reason not to put three of these in your deck. Swap them in as soon as you get them!

Fight alongside fairies and bewitch your opponents!

The fate of your cards is in your hands! Let’s do it!