Starter Deck Series: Bloodcraft


This series showcases sample decks for Shadowverse beginners. For those who have a limited card collection, worry not! The decks are built with only bronze and silver rares.
This time, we’re covering Bloodcraft. Put your faith in me, Takiniki, and I’ll show you what the deck is all about.

Sample Deck: Bloodcraft (Urias)


(Deck Cost: 3,050)

This is an aggro (fast and aggressive) deck where you drive opponents into a corner while taking damage yourself. I recommend it for those who love the thrill of always being on the edge of winning or losing.


Bloodcraft has powerful spells and followers that deal damage to both leaders. Lower the enemy leader’s defense from the early to mid game with followers, and deliver the final blow with unavoidable spells in the late game.


Bloodcraft’s main mechanic is Vengeance (the state of being at 10 defense or lower). High risk means high rewards, so you should be open to taking damage.

Core of the Deck!


If you are playing Bloodcraft, the most important thing is to manage your defense. You should familiarize yourself with what cards the enemy leader can use, and learn how to calculate in your head the max amount of damage they can deal on their next turn with available PP.

Spice It Up!


As the name implies, you absorb defense by draining it. You can often use it as a 1-cost card, making it a convenient card for managing your defense. In the sample deck, swap it in for Demonic Strike.


You can use this amulet to manage your defense and make sure you don’t run out of steam. You gradually gain back the defense you initially lose, so don’t hesitate to play this card. In the sample deck, swap it in for Blood Pact or Succubus.


This follower is very likely to survive until the next turn because it is protected by two Forest Bats. They also protect your other followers, making this legendary a great card in aggressive decks as well. In the sample deck, swap it in for Wardrobe Raider or Alucard.

Only Bloodcraft has fellow vampires you can wage war with!

Take that damage and take them down! Let’s do it!