Starter Deck Series: Shadowcraft


This series showcases sample decks for Shadowverse beginners. For those who have a limited card collection, worry not! Decks are built with only bronze and silver cards.

This time, we’re covering Shadowcraft. Let’s find out how to take advantage of this class!

Sample Deck: Shadowcraft (Luna)


(Deck Cost: 2,000)

This is a sticky deck that consists of followers that refuse to leave the board due to their Last Words abilities. Although not the quickest deck, these Shadowcraft cards will annoy opponents with its pesky persistence.


An undead army that will serve you in life and death! Easily gain the upper hand in a battle of resources.


Banish differs from Destroy as it doesn’t grant you shadows. A banished card is not destroyed, so cards with Last Words abilities will not trigger either. These are vital points to remember if you decide to play a Shadowcraft deck.

Core of the Deck!


Cards with Necromancy are generally weaker than other cards if there aren’t enough shadows to utilize their potential. Always be aware of how many shadows you have to maximize each card’s output.

Spice It Up!


Zombie is a 2/2 follower. A 6-cost card that gives you a total value of 6/9 is powerful in and of itself, but it is also worth mentioning that you regain 4 shadows from this one card. In the sample deck, swap it in for Necropolis Queen or Gilgamesh.


This card works really well with any follower with a Last Words ability. If used on an evolved follower, you can reset the card to its unevolved state. In the sample deck, swap it in for Apprentice Necromancer.


Cerberus is an aggressive card that adds a total of 4 damage to your hand. Depending on how the opponent reacts, this one card could potentially help you end the game quickly. In the sample deck, swap it in for Goblinmount Demon and enable your deck to turn on the pressure.

Catch your opponent off guard with your army of the undead!

Luna’s wish is my command! Let’s do it!