Kuroebi’s Tips 3: Midrange Evolved!


As the number of new cards increase, the bar to evaluate the strength of individual cards is inevitably raised.

I believe that the strength of a midrange deck is directly influenced by the strength of the cards in it. Cards that are an improvement on current cards will undoubtedly improve the deck. Even if the deck is slowed down in the early game, it only takes one dominantly powerful card in the midgame to change the tide of battle.

In this article, I’ll introduce noteworthy midrange cards and a sample deck. Midrange decks rely on raw strength so let’s see which cards make the cut.


Noteworthy Cards

As I wrote in the beginning of Deck Archetypes: Midrange Barrage, midrange decks require cards that are stronger than their alternatives, and provide more value than their cost.

In Shadowverse, both players have the same amount of play points at their disposal (exception: cards that boost play points such as Dragon Oracle). If you can continuously play cards that provide more value than their cost, the opponent will be forced on the defensive. Playing strong cards is the driving factor to gaining the advantage throughout the game.

Below is an overview of one card from each class and a neutral card, for a total of eight new cards.




Odin has been added to the Neutral card pool, and it can be considered the ultimate removal card due to its Banish effect. This is extremely good news as it gives all classes an option to counter Path to Purgatory without weakening their decks. Odin is unique from other cards that are just plain strong. It affects the board state and leaves a 4/3 follower on the board. As it also has the potential to swing a game, it should be worth including in your deck. This card would also be very effective against Enstatued Seraph, which is already quite popular.




Assuming there are other followers on the board, Elf Knight Cynthia can produce massive destructive power. It provides more and more power to your followers each turn it survives. When you evolve the card, it summons two Fairies as well. This additional perk makes it easier to take control of the board and win in a battle of attrition. The card can be used in any Forestcraft deck that plays many Fairy cards, not just midrange decks.




White Paladin is already useful as a 3/2 follower with Ward, but its evolution ability is precious in a midrange deck. Evolving it on turn 4 when going second is a fine play. In a mirror  match, it’s also a great 3-cost counter to other Swordcraft staples Floral Fencer and Sea Queen Otohime. Don’t forget Shield Guardian, which can protect allied followers already on the board, giving you a chance to get extra damage in.




The strength of this card’s Earth Rite effect is mind-blowing. Sun Oracle Pascale transforms each follower in your area into monsters that can decimate your opponent single-handedly. The only reason a card like this exists is because of how the class works. It requires an Earth Rite, and Runecraft typically has trouble keeping followers on the board. However, you might start to see Ancient Alchemist being played and having an army of beefed up Guardian Golem cards at your door. This card will most likely not be used in a fast-paced deck, but rather a slow one that looks to win all-or-nothing in the late game.




Neptune is worth its cost thanks to the Megalorca it produces. The more allied Megalorca cards you have on the board, the more value you get from its evolution ability. If more cards are added that produce Megalorca cards, like Queen Serpent, then Neptune will be rated even higher in the future. This is one card to keep your eyes on.




Lord of the Flies is a wonderful card to include in a midrange deck, and it provides more value every turn it survives. It summons one of three followers (Velocious Beetle, Virulent Hornet, or Vicious Scorpion) every time. The random summon may not always be optimal in your immediate situation. However, each follower is strong enough to affect the board state and give your opponent a hard time. Playing a Death’s Breath just before Lord of the Flies protects it. This combo could potentially win you the game.




Bloodcraft was never known for its 5-cost cards, but now it has a superstar—Bloody Mary. The effect it provides is too powerful to ignore. The card has the potential to fast forward a game for Bloodcraft. It will need some specific combos to be effective, yet your opponent has no way of knowing whether you have those cards ready in your hand. Thus they will need to take her out immediately. Witness the true power of a Legendary card.




All cards that reduced the countdown of amulets up until now were defensive cards. The addition of Winged Sentinel Garuda, an offensive countdown reducer, adds much value to the previously control-only Havencraft. This card also deals 3 points of damage to the enemy leader, regardless of followers with Ward. Its high cost of 6 play points may make it hard to play, but it’s a superb card for dealing the final blow.


Sample Deck

Storm Haven


Storm Haven was played by a small following even before Darkness Evolved was released, but the new cards brought this deck to the forefront. Playing countdown amulets on the first few turns makes it difficult to deal with early pressure. However, new cards include the powerful Beastcall Aria, as well as other 2-cost followers to help you through the early game. You should be able to continually damage the opponent from the midgame on. A comeback from underdog status is no longer a must.

The downside of this deck is that it’s weak against decks that fill the board with low cost followers. If you often play against Forestcraft and Swordcraft, it would be a good idea to include Themis’s Decree and more followers with Ward. Angelic Barrage is included as a countermeasure. It offers the bonus of also damaging the enemy leader.


Use new cards that provide more value than their cost and enhance your midrange deck!

That’s a wrap for the Kuroebi’s Tips series. I hope the information shared in these articles gives you the confidence to experiment with each deck archetype. Keep enjoying Shadowverse!