Kuroebi’s Wonderland Dreams Card Roundup (Part 2)


What dreams are waiting in this world of wonder?

Shadowverse’s fifth card pack, Wonderland Dreams, is here at last. You’re probably swapping cards into and out of your deck, testing all sorts of combinations.

I’m going to keep looking at standout cards in this, the second of two columns.


wyrm god of the skies

Wyrm God of the Skies has a fearsome Last Words effect that doubles the size of all Dragoncraft followers you play during a single turn. It’s not a card that you can drop onto the board just anytime, but it has the potential to show your opponent some serious hurt.

Combined with Storm followers —one of Dragoncraft’s fortes—Wyrm God of the Skies makes it possible to wipe out your opponent in a single go. If you can get some extra play point orbs and push out a Wyrm God of the Skies early, your opponent’s sure to have a real headache on their hands. Experiment to really get the most out of this card, and remember: if you pair this Legendary with the right cards, you can deal 20 damage in a single turn.


Now here’s a flashy effect that just screams Dragoncraft Legendary! Since Jabberwock replaces all of your followers with more expensive ones, it should generally strengthen your board presence even if you do have to rely on the luck of the draw. You can minimize the role of chance by distributing the costs of cards in your deck right.

If you pair Jabberwock with more expensive Storm followers, it can surprise the opponent with a whirlwind of damage. It will be really interesting to see how people get a Jabberwock out onto a board full of followers.

dragon summoner

Any card that can “tutor” (search for other cards) is worthwhile, and Dragon Summoner is no exception. Its ability to draw a random Dragoncraft follower can help you cycle through your deck. It can also help you hunt for a specific card, particularly when you’ve minimized the number of other Dragoncraft followers in your deck. Like other tutor cards, it can really help out theme decks in particular.

Dragon Summoner could end up just drawing another Dragon Summoner and not net you much progress. Still, it could be entertaining to put this card and a Jabberwock together.


dark alice

Dark Alice is like a lower-cost version of Mordecai the Duelist, one that doesn’t really permit multiple copies to be played. What sets Dark Alice apart, though, is how it banishes all Shadowcraft cards in your deck. This might initially look like a drawback, but by carefully selecting and limiting what cards you put into your deck, you can make sure you’ll only keep drawing specific Neutral cards.

This is really just one example of a new deck concept that could be based on Dark Alice; I feel like there could be others as well.

nightmare executioner

Thief might have a Clash effect that draws cards, but Nightmare Executioner matches that effect and tops it off with Bane. This card can swing the direction of the board and fill out your hand at the same time. Although its attack is 0, it can still create a nightmare for the opponent. Like it or not, they’ll have to find some way to dispose of Nightmare Executioner.

demon eater

You might be familiar with Soul Conversion, a powerful card that can boost the number of cards in your hand if you play it at the right time. Demon Eater is like a version of that card that comes with a Goblin thrown in for good measure. But since Demon Eater can be played when you don’t have any followers in play, it’s sure to earn a place of its own.

Demon Eater can help you move through your deck to find the card you need. I’m sure there are also people looking at Demon Eater as a new way to activate Last Words effects.


carabosse wicked fairy

The slow, steady pressure that Carabossse brings to the field is pure Bloodcraft. Your play points might stop increasing after you play this card, but if you wait until you already have ten orbs, this disadvantage might as well not exist. I’m excited to see where the real strength of this card lies.spawnoftheabyss

There’s no ignoring a cosmic horror that rains down over 10 damage with one blow. Even if you vanquish Spawn of the Abyss before it manages to attack, damage is still coming your way. When facing off against Bloodcraft opponents, it’s going to be more important than ever to zealously guard your defense.

big knuckle bodyguard

This majestic meathead has one of the best values of any follower that destroys other followers. Played before Vengeance is active, Big Knuckle Bodyguard will damage you a bit, but that can be just what a Bloodcraft player needs during the midgame.

Big Knuckle Bodyguard could be one of the drivers of Bloodcraft’s popularity going forward.


princess snow white

Princess Snow White has to be one of the best 2-play point followers on account of how well it sticks to the board. It’s got the stats to clear away a 2/3 follower all by itself, so it can help you keep board control even later in the game.

Since Princess Snow White comes back to life in an evolved form, it’s a great compliment to effects that trigger when followers evolve or when there are evolved followers on the board.

lion of the golden city

Lion of the Golden City has two different but powerful effects, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see this card used in combos.

It’s no mean feat to fit Countdown effects into a Neutral-heavy deck, but the real value of this card will be apparent if you’re ambitious enough to find the golden ratio.

march hare's teatime

March Hare’s Teatime pushes out two lean and mean Tin Soldiers. If you evolve the first one in particular, it has the potential to clear your opponent’s board.

Up until now, Havencraft’s 5-play point followers have been most useful for defense. Aggressive amulets like March Hare’s Teatime could change how people think about Havencraft going forward.

Next Time

Next time I’m going to talk about what cards to watch for in the new Take Two environment. See you then!