Arisa and Rowen Chapters to Be Added to Seeds of Conflict

As part of the August 21 (PT) update, new Seeds of Conflict chapters will be added to the main story.

Arisa, Erika, Rowen, and Eris leap into a new dimension at the behest of the mysterious robot Tetra. But the world that greets them isn't the one they expect. Instead of finding steel and machines, they discover thick forests, abundant life, and a beastlike
populace—They've arrived in Naterra. Here, two warring factions vie for supremacy, even as a being known as Viridia Magna threatens to destroy the land.

"Naterra's savior was decided long ago. And he will be revealed when Viridia Magna begins to sing."

Complete Gears of Rebellion: Uprising to unlock Seeds of Conflict.

Shadowverse Team