(Update) Limited-Time Format: Hero Battle

A new limited-time format—Hero Battle—is coming soon!

Event Period

8:00 p.m., April 23 - 1:00 p.m., May 6 (PT)

- The event period is subject to change due to circumstances of the update maintenance.

How to Play

(Update) Hero Battle Overview

Hero Battle is a limited-time format in which players battle it out using characters featured in the main story as their leader. Each leader has their own pre-built deck alongside a set of powerful abilities known as Hero Skills. In this format, leaders will start with 25 defense.

A total of 24 leaders will be available to choose from, with each class having 3 story characters.

Check out the full list of Hero Skills in the link below:
List of Hero Skills in the Hero Battle Format

About Hero Skills and Valor

- Hero Skills are special abilities that leaders can use in the Hero Battle format.
- Most Hero Skills can be activated by using valor, while some Hero Skills give you valor when used.
- The amount of starting valor a player will have at the beginning of a Hero Battle match will vary depending on the leader they have selected.
- There are no restrictions to the amount of valor a player can have (excluding amounts below 0).
- Hero Skills can be used once per turn by tapping the Hero Skills button on the lower left of the screen (excluding the first turn of the player going first).
- Some leaders have passives, Hero Skills that are active throughout the match.
- During the match, players can check their and their enemy's Hero Skills by tapping on the respective leaders.

Features That Now Support Hero Battle

- Unranked matches
- Private matches
- Player tournaments
- Practice


- Hero Battle matches will count towards missions and player levels.
- Hero Battle decks cannot be used in story mode.

Shadowverse Team