Hero Battle Special Event

To celebrate the release of the new Hero Battle format, we will be holding some special events!

Hero Battle Card Pack Giveaway

Log in every day to open a Heroes of Shadowverse card pack for free in the Shop!

Event Period

8:00 p.m., April 23 - 1:00 p.m., May 6 (PT)

Log in during the event period and you can open a card pack for free each day, up to 8 free packs in total! If the first time you log in during the event period is not the first day of the event, you can draw an additional card pack for each day of the event you missed.
(Example: Logging in at 1:00 p.m., April 27 (PT) without logging in between 12:00 p.m., April 23 and 12:59 p.m., April 27 (PT) will allow you to draw 5 card packs.)


- The daily allowance you receive on days you log in does not carry over to the following day. The daily allowance resets at 1:00 p.m (PDT) / 12 noon (PST).
- After you have logged in once during the event period, you will not receive further daily allowances to draw a card pack for the days where you did not log in.
- Draw rates can be checked from the card pack purchase screen.

Limited-time Private Match Missions

During the event period, "Play 1 Hero Battle Private Match during the Private Match Giveaway (without quitting)" will appear once per day in your missions list. Completing the limited-time mission will earn you a Grand Prix Ticket, for up to a total of 3 tickets during the event period.

Event Period

8:00 p.m., April 23 - 1:00 p.m., April 26 (PT)

- The limited-time mission will appear in addition to standard missions.
- A limited-time mission from the previous day cannot be carried over to the next day.
- Days reset at 1:00 p.m. (PDT)/12 noon (PST).
- The limited-time mission can be completed with the same opponent on different days.

Thank you for your continued support! We hope you enjoy the Hero Battle event!

Shadowverse Team