Seeds of Conflict: Harrowing (Part 1) Chapters Out

As part of the November 24 (PT) update, the Seeds of Conflict: Harrowing (Part 1) chapters were added to the main story.

Sköll and Mánagarmr have entered a deadly battle to decide the fate of Naterra. As Arisa and her companions desperately try to stem the tide of violence, Viridia Magna's roar shakes the forest once more. In another part of the forest, Bayleon and Valdain come face-to-face for their own final reckoning...

"Wonderful. Shall we begin?"

"Prepare to face the light, my brother."

"Oh, I've been prepared—for far longer than you'll ever know!"

Starting from this update, you can play from any part of the main story without clearing previous chapters. Get caught up on any chapters you don't play by going to the Story Selection screen and selecting the information icon on each story arc button.

Shadowverse Team