(Update 3) v4.0.30 Update

We are planning to undergo maintenance during the following period:
8:00 p.m., March 7 – 12:00 midnight, March 7–8 (PT)

We will be extending the current maintenance. The new end time is currently undecided.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

(Update 2)
The extended maintenance has concluded as of 1:00 a.m., March 8 (PT).
Due to the extended maintenance, the release schedule of tournament winning decks has been temporarily postponed. We are currently working to resolve the issue.

We thank you for your patience.

(Update 3)
Following the maintenance’s conclusion, we also resumed the delayed release of tournament winning decks at 2:40 a.m., March 8 (PT).

As a token of apology for the maintenance’s extension, 1 Eightfold Abyss: Azvaldt card pack ticket will be sent to all players' crates during the period below:

March 8 – 8:00 a.m., March 14 (PT)

- The ticket will be sent to your crate on the Home screen.
- You will not receive the ticket if you did not play during the above period.
- Once the ticket appears in your crate, you have 14 days to pick it up, so be sure to claim it in time.
- You will not be able to claim the ticket if you did not clear the tutorial prior to the above period.

Thank you for your patience and kind understanding.

This update includes the following:

(Update 2) New Story

Part 1 of Verdilia Chapters for Lessons from Lainecrest will be added to the story mode.

Update to Data Download Screens

Depending on the newest version’s added content, data download screens will now sometimes display summaries of past stories when updating.

In this update, summaries will be be displayed for the following stories:

- Fate's Trigger
- Entropy's Abyss
- The Final Loop
- The Empyrean Inn

Battle Pass Season 6 Rewards Added to the Shop

Battle Pass Season 6 rewards will be purchasable in the Shop. Rewards can be purchased as separate character sets, with each set including its respective emblem and/or card sleeves if available.

The following sets will be purchasable for 500 crystals each:
- Tsukikage (leader)
- Cosmic Angel (alternate-art card)
- Phantombloom Predator (alternate-art card)

The following sets will be purchasable for 400 crystals each:
- Rejuvenating Resurrection
- Crimson Virtue
- Second Advent of the Omens
- Ultimate Hollow
- Elimination Unleashed
- Melody's Return

- You will only receive a set's respective emblem and card sleeves if you don't already have them.
- Battle Pass rewards are only purchasable with crystals.
- You cannot purchase set supplies individually; all items in a set must be purchased together.
- Battle Pass reward availability is subject to change without prior notice.

End of Vial Bonuses

Vial bonuses applied to Garuel, Seraphic Leo; Starseer's Telescope; and Restless Parish (effective as of the update on February 20) will no longer be available, and vials earned when liquefied will be reverted to their original amount.


- The game will be inaccessible during maintenance.
- After maintenance begins, any ongoing multiplayer match will end in a tie.
- After maintenance begins, progress for any ongoing solo play matches will be lost.
- If you close the game or place the device in sleep mode from a battle screen after maintenance begins, an ongoing multiplayer match may end in a loss, and this loss cannot be reversed.
- If you close the game or place the device in sleep mode from a battle screen after maintenance begins, the game may become unresponsive. In such a case, please restart the game.
- The game may not function as intended if a private match is started after the maintenance begins. In such a case, please close the game without issuing any commands.
- Maintenance may end before or after the stated time.
- It may take longer for some players to receive the update.
- If you're not able to update the game, it may be due to the cached data on the device. Please try turning off your device, restarting it after a couple of minutes have passed, and then try again.
- Saved replay data will be deleted, and will be unable to playback after the maintenance.
- Player Tournaments that are in progress or scheduled will be canceled.
- Please be sure to also back up your game data in case your device is lost or broken.

Important: Backing up Game Data

Shadowverse Team