Known Bugs

The following issues are in the game as of March 13:

Display Issues with Card Set Names in Custom Rotation Decklist

After performing certain actions, selected card set names for each deck in the Custom Rotation decklist may not be displayed as intended. This is a display issue only.

Issues with the Edit Deck Screen for Custom Rotation

When selecting Show All Cards in the Edit Deck screen for Custom Rotation, cards displayed may not update as intended if you had performed certain actions prior. Unchecking the Show All Cards checkbox will resolve this issue.

Display Issues with the Deck Preview Screen for Take Two Decks

In the Deck Preview screen for Take Two decks, cards may be displayed in the order they were selected when creating the deck, rather than in the order of cost going from lowest to highest.

Issues with Wandering Chef

In solo-play matches, if you have an Elana's Prayer in play when you play and evolve a Wandering Chef, playing another Wandering Chef will cause the match to freeze.

Prebuilt Deck Purchase Screen Display Issue

After purchasing a Temporary Deck, a black strip may remain on the Buy Prebuilt Decks screen. This is a display issue only and will not affect your purchase of a Temporary Deck. Moving to another in-game screen will resolve the issue.

Issue with Being Unable to Move past the Redraw Screen

The game won't move past the card redraw screen if players have been using another app to make a call at the same time. We recommend that players avoid making calls while playing matches. This issue can be resolved by restarting Shadowverse and reentering the match within the allotted time.

Issues with Music and Cutscenes

There may be instances where the music has static, or cutscenes experience blips or get cut off. This is caused by heavy load on your device's memory and can be resolved by shutting down other apps to free up space.

Issues with the Winner Prediction Event

When you jump to an external webpage through the link within the event banner more than twice and then try to place your vote, you will get a message asking you to try again shortly.

Game Freezing

When you play a card that returns a follower to your hand right after you play another follower, and the second card moves to the upper left corner of the screen, the game freezes and you are unable to continue the match.

1. Play two or more Fairies.
2. While the played Fairy is moving to the upper-left corner of the screen, you play Ancient Elf.
3. The game freezes.

Affected Cards:
- Ancient Elf
- King Elephant
- Cinderella
- Homecoming
- Fairy Torrent

You can resolve the issue by closing and restarting the app within the time limit. This will be resolved in a future update.

Unable to Return to Suspended Matches

Under some conditions, you may not be able to return to suspended matches. This issue was partially resolved in the June 28, 2017 update, but there is a possibility that similar issues might occur.

We are currently investigating and working to fix the outstanding issues listed above. We thank you for your patience as we work to resolve them.

Issues Resolved as of March 13

- Display Issues with the Deck Preview Screen for Take Two Decks

Shadowverse Team