Issues with Achievement Missions

We've confirmed an issue in which some achievement missions are not displaying correctly for players who were at level 100 in any given class prior to the September 27 update. The affected missions are:

- Reach level 110 in Forestcraft
- Reach level 110 in Swordcraft
- Reach level 110 in Runecraft
- Reach level 110 in Dragoncraft
- Reach level 110 in Necromancy
- Reach level 110 in Bloodcraft
- Reach level 110 in Havencraft

For players who are at 100-109 for a class, "Reach level 100 in..." displays as having been completed, but the next achievement, "Reach level 110 in..." does not display.

For players at 110 or over in a class, the button to claim rewards for the achievement "Reach level 100 in..." will display with the Claim button active. This will also be repeated for the "Reach level 110 in..." achievement. Hit the Claim button for both, and the next achievement mission will be displayed correctly. Hitting the button after you have already received a reward for an achievement will not confer extra rewards.

This issue will be resolved in a future update.

Thank you very much for your patience!

Shadowverse Team