Changes to Cards in the October Release

In the October update, we're going to be changing three cards: The legendary Dragoncraft follower Prime Dragon Keeper; the gold Swordcraft spell Council of Card Knights; and the bronze Neutral follower Ephemera, Angelic Slacker. This is an explanation of why we're changing things and what specifically is changing.

Summary of Changes
1. Prime Dragon Keeper will now cost 4 instead of 3, and its defense will be lowered from 5 to 3 (evolved: 7 to 5).
2. Council of Card Knights will now cost 6 instead of 5.
3. Ephemera, Angelic Slacker will now cost 5 instead of 4.

For a limited time after changes are made, these three cards will produce more vials when liquefied.

The Game Environment at a Glance
All data was taken from high-ranking matches in early October.

Top 3 decks with the highest win rates
1. PDK Dragon (56.5%)
- A Dragoncraft deck that primarily uses Prime Dragon Keeper
2. Aggro Sword (54.9%)
- An aggressive Swordcraft deck that primarily uses low-cost cards
3. Neutral Sword (51.9%)
- A Swordcraft deck that makes use of Neutral followers and Alice, Wonderland Explorer

Top 3 decks with the highest usage rates
1. PDK Dragon (27.3%)
2. Aggro Sword (15.1%)
3. D-Shift Rune (6.1%)
- A Runecraft deck that primarily uses cards with Spellboost in order to use the spell card Dimension Shift

With the exception of PDK Dragon and Aggro Sword, there aren't any other deck archetypes that are markedly dominant in terms of win rate in the current game environment.

As for usage rates, PDK Dragon and Aggro Sword also sit on top of the list, indicating that these two archetypes require attention. In third is the ever-popular D-Shift Rune, but because its win rate is currently well below 50%, we don't believe it requires any adjustments.

We're still monitoring the win rates for players with first-turn advantage. While our mid-September data of high-ranking matches revealed a first-turn win rate of 51.7%, our current data has revealed a 53.6% win rate. One factor causing the increase in first-turn win rates is Aggro Sword which has a first-turn win rate of 58.7%.

The fact that PDK Dragon and Aggro Sword have both the highest win and usage rates, added to the fact that Neutral Sword continues to have a significant win rate and may become even more powerful has prompted us to make adjustments to the three cards discussed earlier.

Prime Dragon Keeper
As the name "PDK Dragon" suggests, the key card of this dominant deck archetype is Prime Dragon Keeper. Previously in September, the Ramp Dragon archetype deck (a Dragoncraft deck that "ramps" by increasing play points as quickly as possible to play high-cost cards by mid game) was found to have a win rate of 50% in high-ranked matches. With the release of Starforged Legends on September 27th, Prime Dragon Keeper decks have emerged and currently have a win rate of 56.5%. Due to the effectiveness of this card in contrast to its cost, in addition to its difficulty to counterplay, its cost and defense will be adjusted.

Details of the Change:
Prime Dragon Keeper's cost will be changed from 3 to 4, and its defense will be changed from 5 to 3 (evolved: 7 to 5).

Council of Card Knights
This card plays a pivotal role in Aggro Sword decks, which have the second highest usage and win rate, and Neutral Sword decks, which have the third highest win rates. While we had considered altering other pivotal cards exclusive to Aggro Sword, we believe that by not altering a card pivotal for Neutral Sword as well, Neutral Sword runs the risk of becoming overpowered once PDK Dragon is adjusted. This is why we have decided to alter the Council of Card Knights, used in sets of three in both Aggro and Neutral Sword decks.

Details of the Change:
Council of Card Knights' cost will be changed from 5 to 6.

Ephemera, Angelic Slacker
This card plays a key role in Aggro Sword decks. When going first, having a follower with Ambush that costs 4 play points can be extremely powerful, yet when going second it can be difficult to play as effectively. As such, this card was another reason for the increased win rate for players going first. Due to this card's relatively low cost and heavy advantage when played first, we have decided to adjust this card.

Details of the Change:
Ephemera, Angelic Slacker's cost will be changed from 4 to 5.

Take Two Runs
These changes will also be applied to all Take Two decks after maintenance, even if the deck is being used in the middle of a five-match run.

Future Changes to Cards
We routinely review match data in the Shadowverse Team. In order to maintain a great game environment, we change card costs and effects and boost the number of vials that are available from liquefying cards. Any future changes to cards' costs and abilities will be announced on a prespecified date, and then changes will generally be made the next day. See below for the scheduled announcement and change dates.

November 27 (Announcement), November 28 (Change)
December 27 (Announcement), December 28 (Change)

These dates are, however, subject to change. Even if there are no changes made to cards, we'll still announce that things are staying the same.

Temporary Vial Bonus
From the October 29 update until the next major update, the changed cards will produce more vials when liquefied.

- Prime Dragon Keeper will produce 3500 vials.
- Council of Card Knights will produce 800 vials.
- Ephemera, Angelic Slacker will produce 50 vials.

Normal and animated copies of these cards will both produce the same number of vials while the bonus is in effect. Details of when this bonus ends will be announced at a later date.

Shadowverse Team