Summary of Shadowverse Next Announcements

Here is a summary of the announcements made during the official webcast of Shadowverse Next on Nov 1 (JST). You can watch the video from the following link:

Shadowverse Next


Rotation is a new format for constructed play that will be added on December 28, along with the release of our seventh card set. In Rotation, players will only be able to build decks using cards from the latest five card sets as well as most basic cards. With every new card set released, a card set will be rotated out.

The current format, which allows players to use cards from all card sets, will be called Unlimited. The card pool for deckbuilding in Unlimited will increase with every expansion, and as time goes on we may limit or ban certain cards in order to balance gameplay in this format.

Implementing Rotation to Ranked Matches

Rotation will be added to ranked matches with an update on December 28, providing a new format to play in addition to the current Unlimited format. Your rank, score, and Master Points will be copied over to Rotation so you won’t have to start over again. Following this, points will be accumulated separately for Unlimited and Rotation.

Accumulated score rewards can be claimed by using and combining points earned from both Rotation and Unlimited.

Players can become Grand Masters in both Rotation and/or Unlimited. Grand Master rewards can be claimed once per season for each format.

In-Game Tournament

In an upcoming update in 2018, a new in-game tournament will be added to the Arena.

This will be an in-game tournament that anyone can join, regardless of rank. There will be preliminaries matches to determine which players make it to the finals to earn exclusive rewards.

Our goal is to have this tournament not be overly time-consuming and allow players to participate at home, during a commute, or whenever they have a spare moment to play. Regardless of lifestyle, we hope that all players can take part in the fun.


Yuwan, the leader for the new Portalcraft class, will be coming to Shadowverse in the December 28 update.

Yuwan is a vengeful warrior who has the power to traverse dimensions, and will fight alongside Arisa and the others to save the world. He will also have his own storyline which will be added in a future update.

Portalcraft cards will introduce enchanted lifeforms and otherworldly beings such as artifacts and puppets. One key distinction of Portalcraft is the Resonance mechanic—cards played with Resonate can activate special abilities and effects when there is an even number of cards in your deck.

Some Portalcraft cards can produce Artifact cards. Artifacts are powerful, but they cannot be created or included in your deck list. Essentially, these uncollectible cards are tokens (cards that can only be brought into play from other cards). When playing Portalcraft, you can utilize Artifacts by adding or removing them from either your deck or hand—there will be plenty of Portalcraft cards that can change the number of cards in your deck so you can manipulate when Resonate abilities and effects can be used.

You can refer to the broadcast for specifics about this new mechanic as well as some new cards. For more information about the seventh card set, a dedicated website will be up in early December.

Along with the release of the seventh card set on December 28, players will receive a default Portalcraft deck for the new class containing new basic cards in order to enjoy Portalcraft right off the bat after its release.

Upcoming Tournaments

We have quite a few major events coming soon which will employ the new Rotation format or the current Unlimited format, so stay tuned for exciting high-level play for both formats!

RAGE Shadowverse World Grand Prix
- Date: December 23-24, 2017 (JST)
- Location: Tokyo (Japan)
The tournament of all tournaments—24 of the most skilled players from across the globe will compete in Japan for the title of world champion!

Shadowverse Premier Cup 2018 Tokyo
- Date: January 20-21, 2018 (JST)
- Location: Tokyo (Japan)
This will be a new major e-sports tournament held in Japan. (Format: Unlimited)

RAGE 2018 Spring
- Date: February 2018 (Preliminaries), March 2018 (Finals)
- Location: Tokyo, Osaka (Japan)
CyberZ, Inc. will be hosting another RAGE e-sports tournament series next year. (Format: Rotation)

2018 Shadowverse Taiwan Open Spring Series
- Date: January - February, 2018 (Preliminaries), March (Finals)
- Location: Taiwan
This will be a major tournament series to be held in Taiwan. (Format: TBA)

14 Million Download Promotion

We are proud to announce that Shadowverse has been downloaded over 14 million times worldwide since launching! We sincerely thank you all for playing and will be kicking off a special 14 Million Download Promotion from November 5th to celebrate this milestone.

More details about the promotion will be announced through an in-game notification or our social media pages in the near future.

Thank you for your continued support!

Shadowverse Team